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This is NOT a standard membership group.

It is a sacred space where I provide powerful remote healing sessions to ALL members each month, which includes feedback, guidance and support.

The membership space includes a private forum and exclusive content to a library of tools, workshops and processes to help you to stay aligned.


Inspiring you to discover your potential!

Choice of two levels of Group Healing:


Advanced Frequency Healing Sessions for Soul Growth,


Mini Energy Rebalance Sessions


This subscription includes support during the month whilst you continue to shift your frequency!


Receiving regular Frequency Healing strengthens your lightbody, which in turn assists your ability to manifest.

It helps you to achieve a consistent level of health and wellness. This healing system incorporates techniques for sensitive people, who have become depleted by others, toxic environments and Earth changes.

The shifts you experience may be subtle or radical, as you let go of negative patterning, defence mechanisms and the need for control.

These sessions are open to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Alternatively you may wish to receive individual sessions on a regular basis.  If so, I also have an individual subscription plan.

What people are saying…

“I have been on the Monthly Subscription for Frequency Healing with Carol for the past 9 Months now, and although I’ve been working with Carol for several years, having the subscription has definitely helped cement in and bolster my self-care regime.

As a coach and healer myself I recognise the importance of self-care and consistency and the subscription enables me to support myself whilst receiving support and guidance from Carol.
It’s very easy to schedule and has become my sacred appointment for me each month.
I would not be without this service.”

“The monthly healing sessions are very helpful to keeping me on an even keel. In the past I requested a healing when I felt I needed it, which meant I was really low, but this hasn’t happened since I am part of the healing group.”

“I have been in touch with Carol for a number of years now and have been having regular distance group sessions monthly for the last year.
Carol’s advice is always spot on and resonates on various levels.
Feedback is always welcomed and questions answered. Procedures are explained and her common sense grounded and direct approach is just BRILLIANT!
Thank you Carol”


About me…

I’m Carol Fenner and I work as a Healer and Spiritual Coach. I have over 30 years experience working in both the public and charitable sectors, with literally thousands of clients, helping them to recover their lives after challenging life circumstances.

I made a decision to have monthly healing over 12 years ago.  This has supported me through stressful times in my life.  I therefore feel passionately that everyone benefits from regular healing, which is why I have created affordable healing subscriptions.

The Lightworker Guide is a membership space for those on any of the healing subscriptions.  

A Lightworker is anyone who devotes their life to being a bright light in the world. They understand that their actions, big or small, have the potential to raise the vibration of the planet.

My intention for the group is to hold a space while you continue to shift your frequency.  

You can read more about me and the therapies I offer here

Access your healing…

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The membership price structure reflects the level of healing offered.

An Energy Rebalance takes from 30-45 minutes and clears the mind, the heart, re-aligns the lines of force and gravity line and grounds your energy.  This is offered as a group healing.

An Advanced Healing takes from 60-90 minutes and works the the very depths of your human anatomy, consciousness and spiritual being.  It uses unique healing procedures, creating an intricate and profoundly effective form of healing that is vital to the evolutionary expansion of the human body and consciousness.  This is offered as a group healing.

An Individual Healing takes from 60-90 minutes, as per the Advanced Healing.  Receiving an individual session means that the feedback is personal to your soul journey as I am only focusing on your energy system.


How will the healing benefit me?

The healing process does not end at the completion of the session – you will continue to integrate these changes for up to three weeks after the healing, from which new levels of wellness and personal growth can be embodied.

During this time you can experience a radical internal and alchemical healing that can be profound. You may become ‘altered’, feel mild symptomatic pain releasing as you purify, undergo a subtle identity shift, or have long-standing issues resolve themselves. You can also feel spiritual intervention in your life, giving you the faith to let go of negative patterning, defence mechanisms, and the need for control. When this integration is complete, you feel refreshed, reborn and rejuvenated. As you embody new aspects, passion and potential surfaces.

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